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On a Mission to LEO!


We are a group of 12-18 year old youth that dedicates our time and service to help those in need. We teach our new members the importance of volunteerism through our actions of volunteering. Like our page to stay up to date on what the Leos are doing! Stay calm and keep volunteering!



January 20th – Lions Bingo Event
January 29 th - Leos Meeting
February- Acts of Kindness
February 26 th – 4pm Leos Meeting
March 19 th – 4pm Leos Meeting
April 2 nd – 4pm Leos Meeting
April 8 th – 4pm Bunny Trail Event – Lions Park
May 21st – 4pm Leos Meeting
June 25 th – 4pm Leos Meeting
July 27 th -30 th - Glad Days
August 1 st - National Night Out
August 9 th -13th – Carver County Fair
September 17 th – 4pm Leos Meeting
October 22nd – 4pm Leos Meeting-Working meeting for Tricks and Treats event
October 31 st – Tricks and Treats on the Trail Event – Lions Park 2
November 3rd – Hollanders Bingo Event
November 19th t – 4pm Leos Meeting
December 9th – Christmas in Cologne
December 17 th - 4pm Leos Meeting-Gifts for families in the community

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